Random copied/pasted

During a copy/paste, the element sticks anywhere, and extends the duration of the timeline. For example, my timeline is 2’, I copy/paste an element and it pastes it at 2’30"!!! It also pastes it on any layer.

ActivePresenter version: 9.0.5

OS: Windows 10



For your information, the position of the pasted object relies on where the Playhead is located in the Timeline pane, thus it will be pasted there.

In ActivePresenter, there are two cases for copying and pasting objects:

  1. The original/copied object is set to Show to the End of Slide (you can see this option by right-clicking an object)
    => The pasted one is also set to Show to the End of Slide. Therefore its duration is shorter than the original object.
  2. The original/copied object is not set to Show to the End of Slide
    => The pasted one remains its duration. Therefore the timeline duration will extend if it is shorter than the pasted object’s.


It doesn’t work that way for me. It’s strange !
I attach the video, maybe you will have the solution to my problem.

Oops, I’m a new user, unable to post the video.

Link video of my problem : https://360.articulate.com/review/content/a227ff6f-5d26-4087-a61f-fbe20b18d24a/review

Hi Christ,

Thank you for sending the video illustrating the issue.
We confirm this is a bug in ActivePresenter 9. We will try to fix it and inform you when it’s done.
We are sorry for this inconvenience.


Hi @ChristDuNord

We’ve released an update with a fix for this bug.
Please check it out by accessing the Help tab > Check Updates.

Best regards,

Thank you, it works but there remains another small problem is that the pasted object sticks to an already existing layer and sometimes overwrites the object of this layer.
2023-03-16 16_14_34-M33-S15-Lundi.approj - ActivePresenter