Quiz setting: wrong answer stop presentation, yet it continues

I am a bit confused with export and quizzes. I understand (I hope correctly) that with Test type html5 export a quiz can be stopped if the wrong answer is given. It does so. But after the 3 (wrong) answers that are allowed, the user can continue the presentation to other slides, even if the quiz was not passed.
More specifially I have a test in slide 2. AP was set as follow: To incorrect answer or Incomplete answer move back to 1st slide. It does but after having exhausted the three wrong tenatives, the quiz is bypassed (slide 2 is shown with a green tick in the sidebar window called “steps”). The presentation does no longer stop and it goes to next 3rd slide. Can this be avoided until the right answer is given? Is another good practice to achieve this result?

ActivePresenter Version:
WinXp SP3 (browser: A Chromium light Version: Cent 1.8)

Hi science2002,

The reason is that the default max attempts of quizzes is 3 attempts. Once the user takes the last attempt, the quiz will be disabled and the presentation will continue playing.
You can set the Max Attempts to Infinite (in Event Editor > Settings tab) to make the presentation pause until the right answer is given.
To change the default max attempts, go to Preferences (for projects created after that), or Project Settings (for current project) > Interaction tab > Question page.


Very clear! Thanks.
If I may, I have another doubt connected with the initial question.
I saw that with “test.html” as export type, the user cannot push the play button of the movie to stop it or to move the progress bar to move back or forward the simulation.
Is there a setting that allows to make such moves before reaching the point of the quiz which requires a correct answer before proceeding further (i.e. with those preferences you suggested) .


There’s no settings that allows it in ActivePresenter 6.
However you can use Tutorial mode (tutorial.html), or Practice mode (practice.html) with Navigation in Pracice setting is checked. You can find this setting for Practice mode in the export dialog > General tab > Template section > Settings.

FYI, ActivePresenter 7 provides Navigation setting for each mode with three options: navigate freely, no navigation, or backward only. If it’s possible, please consider upgrade your system to use ActivePresenter 7.


Thanks again.
I will consider the upgrade, but I read that AP7 is not compatible with WinXP. So I probably need to upgrade the OS first. Given the problems that Win10 gives, I am in in hurry to that!