Quiz, Pool, Time, Evaluate the lesson

Dear Support,
I’m new to AP. Currently I’m evaluating the options for realizing tests using question pools.

  1. How is the relation between “Total Max Time” in the Scorm export and the durations of each of the shuffeld questions in the pools? It seems that I can set a TMT of 15 minutes but the shuffeld questions from my pools are, e.g., 5 x 2 minutes, 2 x 3 minutes and 1 x 5 minutes.
  2. Is it possible to skip the direct evaluation of the questions in my test so that a user has e.g., 20 minute to go through 10 - 15 questions from the pool and on the last slide click a button to submit her/his results?

Best wishes

Hi Ludger,

  1. Total Max Time is a time limit on the entire project, not for each question.
    If you want to set the time limit for each question, you can use the Timeout checkbox (Properties pane > Interactivity > Score & Reporting > Timeout)

  2. ActivePresenter does not support submitting all results on the last click.
    However, you can do the following to let learners do the quiz faster:

  • Change Attempts to Infinite.
  • Delete all Show Feedback Layer actions in the Events-Actions section.
  • Add the Go Forward action to the On Click event of the Submit button to go to the next slide after submitting.
  • Add navigation between slides (Export > Player Settings > Navigation) or you can add the previous/next buttons to navigate.