Quiz notifications are not showing

I copied my questions from 1 file to my current file, and the quiz notifications no longer show. When i publish to html5, if i submit the wrong mcq answer, there is no notification. When I submit the right answer, it just jumps to the next slide without any notification.
It is not a good experience for the student when there is no feedback.
Does anyone know how to resolve this?

Hi KennyLee,

You should copy the slides instead of questions inside the slides. If you have to do this, please follow the below steps:

  • Select the question that you want to show the feedbacks.
  • Go to Properties > Interactivity > Events & Actions.
  • Add the Correct/In Correct event if it is not added yet.
  • Add the Show Feedback Layer action to the added event.
  • Select the feedback layer that you want to show.


OK, thanks,
It took too long, so I recopied the entire slides.