Quiz evaluation over several slides

I have a training for an LMS (successfactors) that consists of several chapters. Each chapter is to be followed by a quiz with several questions. Now the questions are to be evaluated together after answering the last question. If all the questions have been answered correctly, it should goes on to the PASSED page. If any question is answered incorrectly, it should goes to a FAILED page, but it should not be obvious which question was wrong.

Is there a solution for this?

I had the following thought: I create a variable per chapter and assign the value zero. For example: Chap3 = 0. If the first question in chapter 3 is answered, 1 is added if it is wrong, and 0 is added if it is right. The same for the following questions. When the last question is finished, the value of Chap3 should be queried when the submit button is clicked. If it is greater than 0, the screen FAILED appear, if it is equal to 0, the page PASSED appear. Unfortunately, I don’t know how best to design this query. If var (Char3) > 0 goto … else goto … something like this? Or is this way complete wrong?

Thanks a lot

ActivePresenter version:
8 free (only for test if this will be a usable alternative to another program, seen so. Than will but it.)

Windows 10


Hi Oliver,

Could you kindly let me know if each chapter is in each separate project?
If so, you can use the system variable, without creating additional ones.
To do so, you just need to add condition for the Submit action of the Submit button by using the apQuizScore or apQuizMaxScore variable as in the images below:

If it’s not the case but is that all chapters are in one project, then your method of adding variables is needed.

Quynh Anh

Dear Quynh,

Thanks for the quick answer. Yes it is all in one project because it is one training in the LMS.

May you have an idea how to tell the script to jump to the slides? If var (Char3) > 0 goto else goto I dont know what I have to write for the :thinking:


Hi Oliver,

Using a TRUE/FALSE variable for each chapter is more suitable in your case.
For example: variable Chap3_passed, initial value: TRUE, set it to FALSE in On Incorrect event of every question in chapter 3.
After that, you can use this variable as a condition to jump to the corresponding result slide.
Just add the following actions to the last question of the chapter to do that:


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Just a short information for all who´ll read this treat. I send my project via Google Drive to Toan. He gave me two further recommendations.

I miss to add the submit button after each question. It must be above the other actions.

And now the quiz is working correct.

Then I used too big pictures, the create no mistake but a longer loading time.

Thanks to Toan.

Thanks to the great support. The problem is solved :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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