Quicker way to fit an image to work area?

Problem: Is there a quicker way to fit an image to work area?

Saola Animate version: 2.7.1.

OS: Win10 (64-bit).

It works fine on add Resource, drag it into work area,
but every time when I drag a image to fill the work area it takes many adjustment (via mouse).
Actually a lot of picture sizes do not match the size of our work area, so this is an issue.

Could it be a “fast option” to “Fit this image to the work area” (or there is already one) ?
I think this function can improve user experience greatly.

Thank you!


There’s no “fast option” to fit an image to the scene.
If you need to use the image as the scene background, you can change the scene Fill type to Image fill in Properties > Styles tab.


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