Questions, advanced scripting

slide.children is an array of all top level objects. However, it’s not easy to check if an object is a text entry. You may need to use some script like this:

prez.slide.children.forEach(function(slideObject) {
  if ($(slideObject.node).find('input').length) {
    // this slideObject contains input DOM element
    // it can be a text entry object, a fill in blanks question... 


Dear Toan,
would it be an option to group the inputs (“Textinputs”) and use the group to loop through all relevant objects? This code seems to work so far:

  $($(child.node).find('input')[0]).focusout(function() { 

The doubled jquery is a little weird.
Best wishes

Yes, you can group your text inputs like that.
child is already a text input object in this case so you can use $(child.node).find('input').focusout(...)