Questions about different size end results

Problem: I love Activepresenter. There are things on DVD I want to make into mp4 so I can put them on a micro sd card and watch them on a tablet. But I don’t understand why some things end up being larger than others. For example a movie from DVD that is 1:42:43 is 3.95 GB, but another hunting adventure made from DVD is 1:16:10 and 5.13 GB. Wanting it to be smaller I re-recorded it shaving off a few minutes and made the screen size a bit smaller but it ended up being larger than the first time 1:11:07 and 5.22 GB. I used VLC media player to play the DVDs. Then there was a video I recorded online that is 1:07:54 which is only 867 MB. They are all mp4 format.

Can anyone explain why the difference in size and if there’s a way to trim them all down a bit like the last one I mentioned above? I don’t see any difference in video quality between it and the one that is 5.22 GB, though that small one doesn’t have much audio material associated with it, just the sound of wind and waves and chopping fire wood. The 5.22 GB doesn’t really have much in the way of audio either but it does have some narration which the other has none. Neither have any music but the movie certainly does and a lot of other significant audio also.

ActivePresenter version:

OS: Windows 10 Pro version: 20HS 64-bit


Hi David,

Please make sure that you have selected the same quality and frame rate values for two videos.
If the problem still happens, it may be related to the content of videos. Basically, some scenes are difficult to compress compared to the others. Video which has a lot of motions has a lower compression ratio compared to video which has many static scenes.