Question, Select image

Dear Support,
I need to create a question where the user chooses one image from a set of 4. Actually it is a single choice question with 4 images (aligned in a row).
At the moment I solved this by using a number for each image and a standard single choice question below the images. However I guess that this could be done better and without the numbers.
Do you have a suggestion how to solve this in AP?
Best wishes

ActivePresenter version: 8.5

OS: Windows 10


Hi Ludger,

You can consider one of the following ways:

  1. Use Hotspot question with single response.
    See this tutorial for details: How to Create Hotspot Questions in ActivePresenter 8
  2. Insert a Multiple Choice question, select each answer option, then:
  • Go to the Properties pane > Style & Effect tab > Fill section > Image Fill to fill 4 answer options with images.
  • Open the Interactivity tab of the Properties pane > General section > uncheck the Show Toggle Button to hide radio buttons.

Screenshot (30)


Dear Quynh,
I tried the second solution but neither tile nor stretch worked with the images I have for the question - technically it was ok but the sizes of the images were too different.
However I found that I can use multiple columns in the question and hence could avoid some of the nasty numbers.
Thanks for your support.
Best wishes