Question on Slide Transition (Goes white between slides)

I have two slides, one has an embedded video that plays during the slide. The next slide is an imported still image. During the presentation, when the video in slide 1 completes, the transition between slides is a white screen that appears momentarily. I’d like it to be seamless. In other words, to just switch from the end of the video in slide 1 and go into the picture in slide 2 without any transition.

There are no exit animation effects for the video on slide 1 and no entrance effects for the image in slide 2. I’ve tried a few things to try to make this work, but still shows that momentary “white gap” between slides in the presentation

Hi Mike,

Browsers will take a noticeable time to render large images after loading them, so you see the “white gap”.
You can set the image in slide 2 as the background image of slide 1 to overcome this issue.
To set the background image for slide 1: select slide 1 > go to Properties - Slide > First tab > Background Image section.
Another method is removing exit efffect of the video in slide 1, and setting a transition effect for slide 2.