Question on Events - Actions

Problem: Is there a way to have answers placed in the text entry box (for example) on pg.5 remain there when you click to another page and return back to pg 5?

ActivePresenter version:


Notes: I created a grid of six squares, with a pic and text entry box in each. The pick links to another slide with a problem to be solved. I would like to students move back and forth from the other slides to primary pagewith answers remaing until the final problem is solved. Please advise.

Hi Wilma,

You can add the Submit action to the pictures.
This action should be placed above the Go to Slide action.



Hi ThanhHuyen,
Thanks for your immediate response. I added the Submit action to the pictures, but the answers still go away when I go to another slide and return back to work next problem. Any other suggestions?
Thanks in advance. Sending pic of slide.

Hi Wilma,

Thanks for the information.
Please take a look at our sample project if it meets your needs.
Submit action.approj (308 KB)


Hello Huyen,
Your sample does the same as mine. Is there a way to have the answer remain under the vietnam flag when I go to the Asean page and return to the page with the flag? I would like for all answers to remain until the student finishes completing all boxes.
Thanks again for your patience

Hi Wilma,

According to your description, we suggest two ways to do that.

  1. Add all the Submit actions to one picture like this:

  1. Add Events - Actions to the text entry as shown below:

You can try the sample:
Submit action 2 .approj (320 KB)

In this way, when you press Enter, the text will remain. If the text is a correct answer, you will be directed to the specific slide.

Kindly note that you can set the maximum times that learners can try in Attempts (select the text entry > Properties pane > Interactivity tab > Score & Reporting section > Attempts).


Hello Hyuen,
I have implemented those actions several times to no avail. Would you mind taking a look to see what I’m doing incorrectly? If time doesn’t allow you to do so I understand.

Hi Wilma,

You can add the Submit: All showing interactions action to each animal picture like this:

2022-03-14 10_17_24-Window

Feel free to contact us if you still struggle to the project.


Thanks so much for your assistance. It worked!

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