Put the "Mask Mode" elements in the foreground


When I’m in the “Mask Mode”, is it possible to make sure that the elements and objects I position there are automatically in the foreground when I return to the slides to work on the layout.

I want to do this because I am working on a complex navigation mode inside the module, and rather than copy and paste this navigation mode in each slide, I would like to integrate this navigation mode in the “Mask Mode”. This way, if I need to make changes in the navigation mode, I will only have to make the change once, because I will only have to make it in the “Mask Mode” (and not in each slide).

And for this navigation mode to work well, it must be in the foreground, above all the elements that are positioned in the slides.

Second question : Is it possible to have several different groups of masks in order to apply them on this or that group of slides (obviously within the same module)?
Thanks for your help.

ActivePresenter version: 9.0.7

OS: MacOS Catalina 10.15.7


Hi Gillo,

I’m afraid there aren’t any possible ways to achieve this automatically, unfortunately.