Protection of texts


Is it possible to protect the texts of a module by making it impossible to copy and paste?
Thank you!

ActivePresenter version: 9.0.7

OS: MacOS Catalina 10.15.7



Sure. Just deselect the Text Selection option to get it done.
For more details, kindly follow the helpful steps in this quick tutorial video:


Well, I have a bug with Active Presenter.
“Text Selection” in “Accessibility” is grey (not clickable).

Also, when I go to “View / Object Settings” Active Presenter crashes systematically.

What can I do to fix this problem?
Thank you for your help.

I completely redid my project (as I am only at the beginning, it didn’t take me too long).

And so, when I go to “View / Object Settings” I can actually uncheck the “Text Selection” box.

However, when I integrate text objects inside a flexbox, these texts become selectable again when I export to HTML5. And when I look if their “text Selection” box is still unchecked, I’m surprised to see that the “text Selection” box is checked again, and that I can’t do anything about it because the text and the box are grayed out.

Is this a bug?
Or is it the normal behavior of flexboxes to automatically make the text selectable?

It’s not a bug, Gilloo.

Due to some technical perspective, the Text Selection option isn’t available for objects in the group or Flex box.
We’ll review it again. Thank you for your question.

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