Properties Pane no longer visible

Recently when opening ActivePresenter, the properties pane is not visible on the right side of the screen. I have verified the “properties” are turned on in the “View” toolbar.
If I go to add audio and “create new”…it adds an audio file to the timeline and selection toolbar, but there is no ability to record the audio…because the media properties and controls would normally be in the properties pane which is not visible.

This is a recent issue that I had not experienced previously. Is it possible that the properties pane is somehow hidden or off screen? Any suggestions to get it back?

ActivePresenter Version: 6.0.5

OS: Windows 7


Hi Brad,

Please go to ACTIVEPRESENTER -> Preferences… then looking for Reset UI Layout in the General tab, this will reset all windows layout to default.


Thanks namnt. That fixed it!