Projects exported into MS Teams or other posibilities

Problem: Hi, how can I use Active Presenter 8 for my distance teaching? We’re using MS Teams. Is it possible to import the projects (I made a presentation as a test - various question types) and now I don’t know how to enable my students to use these kind of tests? How, via which app, can I share the tests for them to take?
I’m also not sure if it’s ok for me to simply export the projects as HTML5 files and then share them?
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

ActivePresenter version: 8

OS: Windows 10



There are several ways to distribute the HTML5 outputs:

Among these options, the first one seems to be the best method. You can try some popular LMSs such as Moodle Cloud, TalentLMS, Scorm Cloud…
Besides, you can use the Publish LMS feature to upload your project to ActivePresenter Online: