Project Folders appear in unexpected location

Hi guys,

I’m using an iMac version 10.13.6 and ActivePresenter 7.5.6. Initially, when I installed ActivePresenter, I specified (or not? I didn’t remember) the ActivePresenter and ActivePresenter Templates folders right inside Documents folder. Later, I wanted to move the two folders into another folder inside Documents folder, so I changed the settings in Preferences > General.

  • old path: Documents > ActivePresenter
  • new path: Documents > X > ActivePresenter

Here the problem arose. Whenever I open ActivePresenter, the two folders I mentioned keep appear right inside Documents folder.

How can I stop this?


When you change the Project/Template location path, new projects and templates then will be saved in folders on the new path.
The folders created in Documents when you open ActivePresenter is a bug. It will be fixed soon. We are sorry for this inconvenience.