Progress not tracked in LMS

Problem: I’m exporting a quiz to a SCORM file and importing it into an LMS. Progress is not being tracked in the LMS. Even when all the questions are answered correctly, it doesn’t mark complete. It’s a quiz of five questions, each is set for 20 points, and a user must earn 80 points to pass. Thanks for your help!

ActivePresenter version: 8.2.2

OS: Windows 10


Hi Sunny,

Please let us know what LMS you are using. And if possible, please send us the project file so we can take a look.


Good Morning,

Thanks for getting back to me! We use the Brainier LMS. The file was created in the previous version of ActivePresenter when I had downloaded the free trial. Would that make a difference in functionality? I tried to upload the file and received a message that new users can’t upload attachments. Is there a workaround for that?


Please send the file to our support email If these files are large, you can upload them to a cloud storage site like Google Drive, then send us the link to access.


Hi Rachel,

I have replied your email but I post the answer here so it may help other users who have similar problems.

ActivePresenter HTML5 player will mark a presentation as completed if one of the following conditions occur:

  • The presentation completes showing the last slide (without Pause options in slide objects and Auto Advance of the slide is selected).
  • The End Presentation action is called.

I have checked and seen that the last slide contains a button with Pause which prevents the presentation from ending.

Please modify the project as described below:

  • Remove the Pause option from the close window button.
  • Add an End Presentation action before window.close script.


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