Problems when adding events in the Simulation Record function

Hi Support Team,

  1. In the case of inputting wrongly 3 times, there will be a hint “Type COA” shown. I added these events successfully. However, after the hint shown, the textbox is uneditable (it doesn’t allow me to input anymore)
  2. I also wanna ask you that can I setup the shape which shows actions in the Simulation mode, to not appear anymore. For clearer, after I changed it to disappear, my Simulation slides won’t show the action that I do.
    Thank you!
    ActivePresenter version:



Hi QuynhNhu,

Could you please share the project which have the issues to so I can take a look at it?


Hi QuynhNhu,

Thank you for sharing the project via email.

Please find my answers as below:
1, For Text Entry_1 in your project, please set Infinitive attempts (instead of 3)

2, I’m afraid that it is impossible, unfortunately.


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