Problems closing keyboard on tablet devices using fill in text entries


Viewing the course on a tablet device, the course screen is enlarged by zooming when opening and / or closing the keyboard to respond to a text filling activity, without being able to return to its original size later, and obliged to exit the course to restore original size.

ActivePresenter version: 8.2.2

OS: windows 10


Hi Lorena,

It’s the mobile browsers’ behavior to make sure users can read the text clearly.
After typing text, you can pinch to zoom the page to the original size.


Thank you very much for your response.
the problem is that I can’t do the pinching step to return to the original size. Is there a way to block resizing when the keyboard appears?
Regards from Spain

Hi Lorena,

I’m not sure why you can’t pinch-zoom because the HTML5 player doesn’t prevent you from doing so.
To block the browser resizing behavior, you can try converting your project to a responsive project (ActivePresenter menu > Project > Convert to Responsive Project), or add the following meta tag to the head section of the output .html file:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">