Problemas nas "document tab"

Hello guys…

I’m opening this topic to understand a problem that occurs with the “document tab” that, although I searched the help of the program, I could not find.
I’m talking about the item below:


When I open an existing project, it has two names followed, not being the case of the project folder, as follows, and I can not understand what this is.

As you can see, the names are identical …
Another problem I realize is that in certain projects, which have had the names changed manually by me in windows explorer, the name that appears first is the old name of the file and the second name is the correct name, in use , As follows:

I can not figure out how to fix this, I did not find any option in the program preferences, although this does not cause any damage to the project, it can be improved.

Once again, I would like to thank you and inform you that I am looking for help to improve the program.

Thank you!

Hi Carlos,

The title is a combination of project name and project file name in the pattern PROJECT NAME - FILE NAME. You can change the project name in ACTIVEPRESENTER > Project Properties… > General > Project Name.


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