Problem with my videos working/exporting properly

I just started using ActivePresenter. I’m using a mac, and that might be a problem. Whenever I try to view my videos, Quicktime says that it can’t open the file, and (keep in mind I’ve tried different ways to export it) the file itself looks nothing like a MP4 usually would. I try to open them on iMovie, but it just says there are no files. Help?

error image (I’d have more but I created this account just to post this and im new)
37 AM

04 AM

38 AM


it seems like the default viewer is QuickTime and that’s a problem, but I don’t know why once I changed it it still says it’s an unsupported file type. Help?


First, please let us know which ActivePresenter version you’re using, along with your macOS version.
What were the options when exporting to MP4?

And if possible, please share a short & small sample of MP4 file that has the problem, either by uploading here, or a shared link to a cloud storage, or sending to our support email.