Problem with Attempts-Text box variables


Hi, when I create text variable and number of attempts is set to 3 I can not write more than 3 characters in the text field and the text field is automatically locked.

Please check this on an example

ActivePresenter Version: Required.

OS: Required.

Windows 10



That’s because you have set the Submit key to Auto. That means each character you type is different from the correct value, it will be counted as one attempt.

In your case, you can consider adding more correct values or switching to Survey mode.


So why it works exactly the way I want when I change Attempts to Infinite with exactly the same settings?


You do not set any correct value which means that text box has no correct value. So, each character you type is counted as one attempt. You can only type 3 characters due to you have set 3 attempts. After 3 attempts, the object will be disabled.

Otherwise, if you set the Attempts to Infinite, you can make as many attempts as you want, so the object won’t be disabled.


Thanks for the replay,
It’s very intersting topic. Thank you for your answer. I just want to understand how the software works.