Problem loading slides midpresentation

Problem: Sometimes, when I´m viewing a published lesson and I go to the next slide, I get the loading animation forever. It keeps “loading” and it won´t actually load or happen anything. The only way to get “unstuck” is to navigate via side menu. It never happens on the first slide. Many times I click on the same slide on the side menu, and then it loads.

ActivePresenter Version: 3.1.4

OS: Win 10

Notes: using SCORM, published on a Moodle site. The published project is about 80 MB.


Please check your ActivePresenter version, there’s no version 3.1.4 at all.

And please tell if that issue happens on which web browser as well.


I’m sorry, it was a typo. Version is 6.1.4. We´ve had the issues in Google Chrome (updated version).

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There is a known issue when viewing HTML5 output in Google Chrome with some network conditions. To make sure it is your case, can you please help us to check by using the templates in for exporting projects.
You need to replace the existing *apt files in C:\Program Files (x86)\ATOMI\ActivePresenter\templates\html5 (or your custom install path) with the files in the above link.

Or, if you purchased a license recently, you can upgrade to version 7 (for free) to avoid this issue.



I bought the license on October 4th, 2017. I checked for updates, but none seem to be available. Can I upgrade to version 7??

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The update is not available yet. You can download it from Your license is free to upgrade to version 7.


Hello. I’m using Windows 10 Pro, 32-bit operating system, x64-based processor. Does version 7 work in this configuration?

ActivePresenter 7 only works with 64-bit operating systems. It doesn’t work with 32-bit OSes.
If you have x64-based processor then you can install Windows 10 64-bit and ActivePresenter 7 should work well with it.


Great. Thank you very much!