Problem exporting my project to Youtube

When I export my project to Youtube nothing happens. Thia is strange because I have exported 2 projects successfully before and have not done anything differently.

When I click on Export, and then on Youtube, I get the ‘downloading information’ response. Dir thereafter the ‘Publish to Youtube’ windo comes up. When I click on OK, nothing happens.

I have restarted my computer with no difference.
Thank you for helping me.
Anna-Mari Pieterse


Can you please let us know your OS and ActivePresenter version?
We’ll also need the log file.
Did you try again to see if that’s a temporary Youtube issue?


YouTube is having issue with playback and uploading these days. The problem started some days ago. They tweeted on their twitter page.

Thank you Jacky, this is kind. . I am researching this to see if this could be the reason for my problem.Regards Anna-Mari

Hi Dan,

I am using version 7.5.5 (I always update the version as and when the prompts show up).

I am not sure what 'OS" stands for… so sorrry.

I have tried several times to publish… no luck.

Interesting… I have tried to republish other projects, and with these I had no problem… the issue seems to be project related, although this is hard to believe… I have done nothing different in creating this project and this project is also smaller that the other two that I have published successfully.

Thank you for your assistance

Can you please share the project and its external data folder named in the PROJECT_FILE_files pattern if any so we can check?


Thank you for your reply. If I understand you correctly, I have tried to upload the file here but it is too big. Regards


Please DONOT uploading your files here because it may contain confidential information and the files here are publicly accessible.
Instead, use a cloud storage service like Google Drive, Dropbox,… uploading your files there and share them to


Thank you for this advice. I have now uploaded the file onto Dropbox and have shared it with as you have suggested.


We can publish your project successfully. Can you please share the log so we can analyze further?
To view the log, in Start Page, click Preferences (the Gear icon) > Miscellaneous > View Log.


Sorry for my delayed response - have been out of office for 2 weeks. I have in the mean time reloaded my project after which I was able to upload it to Youtube.

Thank you Dan. I reloaded my project after which I was able to export to youtube. Thank you for your assistance.