Probe of button click and transition


Good night.

A few days ago I tried Saola Animate seems very well works but the only one does not work well with links to jump another scene.

I would like you to put Spanish language. because it is a language bigger than Germany and Russia.

Another thing I would like that you can put the pencil so you can draw or vector with SVG, sincerely it is very powerful for this software. Thank you

Saola Animate version: 2.7

OS: Windows 10

Notes:untitled.saola (8.0 KB)

Hi Casimiro,

Your first scene doesn’t have any animation on the main timeline, and the scene Auto-Advance property is selected. So it jumps to scene 2 immediately.
Please select the first scene, and clear Auto-Advance check box in Properties pane on the right > Scene tab > Scene section.

You can draw SVG vector from Freeforms section Insert Shape tool on toolbar or Element menu > Shape.

We’ll consider supporting Spanish language if there’s more requests from users.


You can make a video example to understand easier. Because the process and interface is not very logical.

Hi Casimiro,

Here is the video that illustrates the steps above to solve your jump scene problem and to draw SVG vector from Freeforms.

For more information about drawing Vector Graphic, please refer to this tutorial:

I hope this helps.