Privacy and UserID

First of all… I love AP and the work you do… So my compliments!

My question…

In the EU there is legislation surrounding privacy. Therefore I inform my users (via a slide) that I obtain data that they create during learning projects (only if they type in a UserID at the end of a presentation).
I also give my users a choice… If you do not want me to obtain your user data… please close the browser or cancel the UserID question.

However, I noticed that some browsers seem to ‘remember’ the UserID from a previous session. When the end of the presentation is reached… the report is sent automatically (without asking for a UserID). Is there an easy way to work around this?
I want my users to always have a choice whether they choose to send the report.

I have considered using a textbox and variables to solve this… but in the system variables, I cannot find UserID. And perhaps this is not the way to go…


Ps… I still need to study LMS… perhaps the solution is LMS


HTML5 player saves the user ID in a cookie named userid.
If you don’t want browsers to remember the user ID, you can add the following script to Project Properties > Event tab to clear it:

$.cookie('userid', null);