Previewing sound level on videos better

I have added some video recordings to my presentation through the menu Annotation --> From file. In the timeline I see the video recordings objects with the sound level indicators. I would like to trim the videos at the start and end before/after the sound begins. However, sometimes the volume is so low the sound level is not shown, and I can’t see where to trim. At 28:10 in the screenshot below there is sound, but not shown by the sound level indicator:


In these cases I need to start plying the video and listen for when the sound starts, and that is so time consuming.

Is it possible for you to scale the sound level indicator so it’s easier to see when the sound starts? Or another solution? Or does a solution already exists that I’ve missed?



You just need to right-click Timeline and select the Waveform Bar Height option. You can also use the Adjust Volume tool in Timeline to increase the level of the sound to make it clearer.



Changing the Waveform Bar Height seem to fix my problem, thanks a lot! I also attempted to use Adjust Volume, but I couldn’t find it, but no problem since changing the Waveform Bar Height solved my problem.