Prevent zoom affecting text shapes

Problem: Is there a way to stop text boxes zooming when video does?

ActivePresenter version: 8.4.0

OS: Windows 10



Could you explain your question in more detail so that we can understand it clearer?
Besides, a screenshot or a video that illustrates the issue is highly appreciated.

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Please see this video:
I would like the text box to stay the same size and position while the video zooms.


In fact, when zooming to a part of the screen, all the objects in the video will be zoomed up.

If you just want to see that in HTML5, please refer to this thread for more useful information:


Thanks for a speedy response, even if it was not the one I would have liked!
Might this be put in as an enhancement request?
As to the suggestion - again, thank you, but I am exporting to Video not HTML5.


Thanks for your feedback.
We are working on this feature. Hopefully, it will be available around the end of this year.


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