Prevent student from advancing

I am looking at preventing the student from advancing to the next slide until they have completed all the interactions for that. Do I use a variable and if so how.

Hi Chris,

If interactions are in sequence, you can use Pause option of interactions, and Continue Presentation action to go to the next one when the user completes the current one.

If all interactions appears at a time, you can use a TRUE/FALSE variable for each interaction.
These variables indicate that the corresponding interaction has been completed or not.
Initial value for them are false.
Once a interaction has been done, add a action to update the corresponding variable to true, and another action to go to next slide. The go to next slide action should has a condition that check all variables are true (var1 is equal to true AND var2 is equal to true…).


I worked it out by changing the state of the interaction and then on the next button if a=press and b=pressed then go forward 1 slide.

Yes, checking object state is an alternative.