Presentation with an youtube video that have to be exported as mp4 file

The issue is: I prepared a presentation using an youtube video. As user’s manual says, when we add an youtube video in a presentation, we have to export the presentation as a file html5.

Ok, I did this, and it solve the problem that I had before (when I was exporting like a mp4 video, the video appeared like an image only!). Ok!

But now I have to share with my students, and I don’t have an account at youtube! I think that after I export as a html5 file, I have to convert to mp4 file. Is this correct? How can I solve the problem?

To clarify: I want to have a mp4 file of a presentation that uses an youtube video. I need this information asap.

Thank you indeed for all the help!

Hi Isabel,

Unfortunately, the video output doesn’t support embedded YouTube. I think you should try downloading the YouTube video then insert it into your project as a normal video.


Hello Dao Viet Phong,

Do you know which app may I have to use to convert an youtube video to mp4?
Thank you indeed for your help!

I forgot to mention that downloading a YouTube video maybe not legal according to their license terms. Please consider this problem carefully.