Preloader does not work

Problem: preloader does not work

Saola Animate version:2.5test_preload.saolapack (4.0 KB)

OS: windows 7

Notes: I try to follow every step of the youtube tutorial but preloader does not work at all when preloading the main scene1.
I can even see the default loading indicator for a second when I test the preloader by itself and it was supposted to be hidden.

It jams me from the beginning. Does someone what it is happening?
thank you in advance

There don’t appear to be any resources in the publication - just a circle and some HTML5 widgets. You’ll need resources that appear in the resources pane for the loader to have something to load and it may also need to be pulled from a remote site as local loading could be too fast to notice.

As for the loading indicator - it’s still set to show in your project.

In the main document - click the Preloader Edit box and then in the document pane for the preloader - untick the Loading Indicator option.


I let loading indicator on, in order to try to see someting. And try to load this proyect from diferent browser with no result. I was expecting the html resources to be preload before the scene starts.


Your custom preloader does work.
But please be noticed that the preloader only preloads the main project resources in Resources pane.
It can’t preload anything embedded in a HTML Widget.
If your HTML Widgets just embed remote images, you can download those images and insert into your project so that they can be preloaded.