Powerpoint support

Powerpoint for professional learning meterial is very essential, and it is great that your product supports importing it. But almost all professional power point presentations contain animations, and they are currently not properly supported by the import.
Here’s a few issues which I found after playing with the import, and I kindly request them to be addressed. That would make ActivePresenter a really cool tool. And I would help testing it with existing presentations.

  • The time-line of animations from power point is not imported. They all start at the same time. Can the powerpoint timeline (which animation follows on which) be supported

  • The “OnClick” for animations in power point does not seem to be supported: Animations always start automatically

  • The “Disappearing” of objects as part of the animations does not seem to be supported. All animations stay visible.

  • Very important: The “Path” option of animations is not supported.

There may be others. But this is what I found quickly

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your suggestions. We are trying to improve importing PowerPoint better. We will add those features to our TODO list. Hope it will be available in the next major release.


That’s fantastic. If you want me to send you a few slides for test purposes, I can do so.
Kind regards,