PowerPoint slides with video embedded

It is my first post so, I would like to say that I really appreciate this software and I’m really impressed with its functionality!
Problem: I need to prepare screencast of the PowerPoint presentation with the video embedded.
Due to coronavirus school is closed and I need to prepare e-lessons. So far, I used the PowerPoint recording of narration and timings and next exported such a presentation into mp4, and published on my school site. Unfortunately, my current presentation has a lot of video clips and I need to record not only timings and narration but also the video played on the slides.
I have tried multiple options in Active presenter but the effect was poor. Thus, can you give me some advice on how to do it in the shortest and easiest way?
I would like to
-use a Powerpoint laser pointer (I do not have time for post-processing of presentation with great AP functions)
-get one Active presenter frame per one PowerPoint slide (if possible)
-record the material for each slide separately
-export project as webm file

The work is one-time, so I don’t want to spend too much time and effort. Can you help me?

ActivePresenter Version: 8.

OS: Windows 10 64


Kind regards,

Hi Dzon,

Thank you so much for your nice words.
We’re so glad to receive your feedback and really appreciate it.

Regarding your question, the best way I can recommend to you is to import your project into ActivePresenter, then you can easily edit and export it to video.

However, as you mentioned the shortest and easiest way, you can use screen recording function of the PowerPoint for your convenience.