PowerPoint Import STILL not correct in AP9


Firstly, delighted to see that importing PowerPoint animation is now returned to the main timeline. The click-sequence was of no use to me (more about that in a separate post) so I found myself either manually re-creating animations in the main timeline or installing AP8 on a separate machine, importing PowerPoint slides there, then saving and editing them in AP9. I was on the brink of typing up an email to you when the 9.1.1 update came through!

However, it is STILL not working properly. I think this seems to be an issue of Quality Control rather technical limitations, as it SOMETIMES imports correctly and sometimes it does not, even within the same slide! AP8 did a much better job, necessitating far fewer subsequent corrections.

The main problem is that in a lot of cases it seems to be ignoring the SEQUENCE and sets a random collection of objects right at position 0:00.00. ‘Move’ and even ‘Exit’ sequences are appearing before an ‘Entry’ one. This is regardless of whether they are set to ‘on click’ or ‘after previous’. Sometimes the object appears at the correct time position but the animation relating to it does not. In the case of multiple animations, they all appear stacked on top of each other. My use animation builds in my slides in keeping with the voice-over, so sequencing is CRITICAL.

I have been able to manually recreate all of the animations in AP9 so I know the issue is not because AP does not support them. The net effect is that I have to rebuild almost every slide in every pack that I am importing. This can take an hour or more for just one slide. In a pack with just 12 slides, that’s nearly TWO DAYS WORK that is totally unnecessary. I also have over 80 slide packs still to convert, a few with 40 or more slides inside, effectively making the exercise TOTALLY impractical as it will impact hugely on my workload and therefore my income.

Please, please, can this be sorted, so that the PowerPoint slides import correctly and we do not have to waste all of that time recreating what we have done previously.

I have a sample PowerPoint slide pack with just 4 slides in it. It is short but I hope it will show why the animations are important. I also have an AP9 slide pack generated from the PowerPoint one. I will email these to ‘support@atomisystems.com’ so that you can see the original PowerPoint animations, see that SOME of the animations imported correctly and some (of the same type) did not. At the end of the AP9 version, I regenerated one of the slides manually to demonstrate that they DO work exactly the same in AP9, if only they imported correctly.

For the record, I think ActivePresenter is BRILLIANT! It incorporates ALL of the features that previously I had to gather through multiple applications, and they still fell short. The complex technical stuff works GREAT, but it’s a shame to see the simpler things letting it down.

I do hope that you can address this problem as a matter of urgency, as I am now HUGELY behind my curriculum upgrades.


ActivePresenter version: 9.1.1 Pro
OS: Windows 11

Hi Ian,

I’m sorry to hear that you are encountering issues when importing PowerPoint in ActivePresenter 9. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to provide a detailed description of the issues and for sharing the files via email.
Since ActivePresenter and PowerPoint function differently, we’ll need some additional time to investigate the problem regarding slide transition and animation running simultaneously. We are also working on resolving the start time issue with motion paths, and these fixes will be included in the upcoming updates. Rest assured, I will notify you as soon as the solutions for these issues are ready. In the meantime, I’m afraid that you may have to manually recreate the animations in ActivePresenter 9 or using ActivePresenter 8 as you mentioned above.
Once again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

Hello Hang,

Thank you for your prompt reply, and for your reassurances. I have no doubt that you will solve these problems - your responses in the past have always been helpful.

I will continue as I am for now and await your update in due course.


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