PNG image import and bounding box

Problem: Working on a hidden objects game and i’ve imported the images as png files. I am wondering if it’s possible to just use the actual image/icon in the png file and not the bounding box. For example, once it is found, I want to highlight it with a green line around the image/icon, but it adds the line around the bounding box. Is there any way around this? I also want just the image itself to be selectable when finding the object. Right now, if the image is an odd shape, there’s a large area around it in the bounding box that has to be selectable. Hope this makes sense. See attached for example. I want the hook itself to have a green line around it. Not a box around it.

ActivePresenter version: 8

OS: MacBook Pro Monterey v12.1


Hi Sarah,

This can only be done by using freeform in ActivePresenter or you can use freeform in PowerPoint and then import to ActivePresenter.


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