Player settings and untitled bug?

I have 3 questions:

  • Is there a way to make a preset of the player settings for a group of projects that we want to have the same configurations for, but don’t want to have to go do it by hand every time? I see there’s presets for the skins that change how the toolbar looks but what about the parameters in the general tab?
  • On a project that’s being worked by 2 people, do those player settings change because of the different computers it’s being worked on or is it something that stays “attached” to the project?
  • And what’s the deal with the “untitled” sub-title that appear next to the title of every project? How can we take it off? I attached a screenshot of this last one.
    untitle bug

ActivePresenter version: Version 8.2.1

OS: Windows 10

Hi Beatriz,

Please find my answer to your question below:

  • Before creating project, you can set everything in the Player Settings window > click OK to save changes and close the window. Then, save your project as a custom theme and reuse later as you want.
    Check out this article to grab detail information:
  • Yes, all the changes in Player Settings are “attached” to the project. So, your project can be open in different computers or being worked by many people.

  • This happens when you save and change your file name without modifying your project name. Please take a look at this video to get useful information:

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Is there a way to export the player settings? I have made extensive changes to the player settings but i cannot transport that set of changes to other project files. I can save the player settings as a preset but the present is only available to that one file. Very inconvenient and frustrating.


Please download (Download ActivePresenter - Video Editor & eLearning Software) and use the latest version of ActivePresenter to achieve your goal.
After customizing your Player Settings, you can save all the changes as a preset to reuse across project.
Click the Save button (1) > type a meaningful name in the pop-up dialog (2) > click OK (3).


Then, to reuse it in another project, open the Player Settings window > click the drop-down arrow (4) at the Preset box > select your preset you created.

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