Player preview display errors

I have two issues.

First when I go to HTML5 Preview, my selected font is not displayed; it looks like it’s defaulting to Times New Roman, AND the text within the text box is overlapping. How can I fix this?

Second, when I go to Player Settings under Export, the correct font displays, but it, too, overlaps, although it displays correctly in the thumbnail version of the slide.!

See attached image


Can you please share the project file so we can check? And please let us know the font that you used.
You can email to


I tried emailing but the file is too large; is there somewhere I can upload it?

You can delete everything, just leave a single slide with error text, then select ActivePresenter > Project > Shrink to reduce the file size and email to us.


Hi Phuong,
I am having a similar problem with text display in the HTML5 player. The text in the player (the project name, the Resources button, and all the TOC text) is defaulting to Times New Roman in Microsoft Edge though it displays properly in the selected font in Firefox. Most of my users are using Edge so it’s pretty important. Please advise.

Hi Scott,

Could you please share your project to so we can take a look at it?