Pause/Resume button in AP6

Dear all,

I’m looking to make a pause/resume button directly on the slide - so that the user can pause a presentation during a SCORM Test play. I would like to have a single button not 2 (play and separate pause).
I tried to use an execute javascript:
if(Prez.Pause() == false)
else if(Prez.Pause() == true)

or also

It stops it fine but doesn’t want to resume on second click…
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance and best regards,


Hi Michael,

You can try the following script:

if (Prez.IsRunning())

You should upgrade to version 7 for better scripting support.


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Hi Toanis,

this works just fine - thanks a lot!
I am planning to upgrade our licenses to 7 but I’m a bit concerned related to AP6 modules working in AP7… we have over 25 hours of interactive material in various modules with multiple buttons and exercises.

  • are you aware of potential conversion issue?
  • does it automatically convert Javascript? I guess not
    I’m not sure if better to finish current items in AP6 and use 7 for the newer ones only.

thanks again for the code!
Is there a list of the variable and commands somewhere? I found some in the manual but not the ones you are using I believe.

Best regards,

Hi Michael,

There might be some minor conversion issues such as the text line height is changed in some cases.
JavaScript must be converted manually.
So I think you should finish current items in AP6, and use AP7 for the newer ones.

Some variables and commands I’m using are based on the internal implementation of version 6. You’ll not found them in the manual, and maybe there’s no equivalent ones in version 7.


thanks for clarification and great support,
best regards,