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Partial scores, scoring in general

Dear Support,
in AP it is possible to set the points of a text entry question to partial. What does “partial” in this context mean?
Do you provide a document where you descibe in more details how scoring for each of the question types and the whole presentation works? In the manual I only see a short section on this topic.
Best wishes

ActivePresenter version: 8.3.2

OS: Windows 10


Hi Ludger!
If selecting this option, it allows you to get the points assigned to the particular correct answer that you
Ex: You select Partial option → The point spinner appears beside Correct Value field → You choose the point that you want in the point spinner → You answer the question corectly → You received the point that you selected, it show in Report Slide.

Thank you very much, Shimin.
So each of the partial points counts to the overall score, right?
Let’s say I have a presentation with 5 difficult and 5 easy questions. A difficult question counts 5 points and an easy question 2 points. In this scenario I would need to make sure that the max partial points for a difficul question is 5 and for an easy question is 2, right?
Best wishes

Hi Ludger!
Yes. I have an example for you.
I have presentation with a Fill in Blanks question and it has 3 blanks. If you select Partial point option for the question → you set point for each blank (The 1st blank: 2 points, the 2nd blank: 2 points and 3rd: 1 point) → Answer the question correctly, you have get 5 points and it shows in Report Slide.

Hi Ludger,

Please take a look at this video to know how to assign points to questions flexibly: