Partial score - maximum points are always 0

I hope you can help me with a little problem. ActivePresenter evaluates the “multiple response” questions as soon as “partial score” was selected with the maximum score of 0. This means that the user has at the end for example 4 of 0 possible points. So, where can I provide the maximum possible points for a “partial score” question?

Greetings and Thanks, Robert

ActivePresenter Version: 6.1, OS: Windows 7 and 10

Hi Cole_umbo,

It seems to be an issue in ActivePresenter 6.1. We will check this problem carefully and get back to you soon.


Hi again,

We confirm that is a bug in ActivePresenter 6.1. This issue will be fixed in the next update. In the mean time, please follow below steps to overcome the issue:

Please let us know if it works as expected or not.

We are sorry for this inconvenience.


:grin: Yes ! it worked. Thank you guys for that superfast fix !

I have another question in this direction (sorry). If there are, lets say, 8 answers with 4 right and 4 wrong ones.
Now, when I check all the right answers and check only 1 wrong one (alltogether 5 answers checked) the report counts 0/4 points. Should’nt it count 4(right) - 1(wrong) = 3 / 4 points ? (of course with a min of 0 so there’s no -1) I know this is not only a question of programming but also a kind of “evaluation philosophy”. So I just want to suggest to make it configurable, otherwise I can’t use these type of questions for a evaluation of employees knowledge.

thanks again for your support !

Hi Robert,
How about setting all answers as correct then set the points of pseudo-correct answers to -1? Maybe it is what you are looking for?