Page has already been seen

is it possible to know if a page has already been seen by the user?

on a presentation of several slides, I would like:
if the student sees a slide for the first time, the next and previous buttons appear at the end of the slide
If the student has already seen the slide, the next and previous buttons appear immediately.


Hi Christophe,

You can add a TRUE/FALSE variable for each slide to denote that the slide has been seen.
These variables should have default (initial) value are false.
On each slide On Unload, set the corresponding variable to true.
On each slide On Load, show the next and previous buttons if the variable value is true.



hi Toan,
thank for your reply.
ok for that but it is not an effective method because you have to create as many variables as a slide. Is there not a more global status for the entire slide collection? in javascript maybe?

Hi Christophe,

There’s no global status for the entire slide collection yet.
We’ll consider supporting it in future releases.

You said that the presentation has several slides so I suggest to use variables for easy understanding.
For presentation with many slides, you can use the script as below:

// slide On Load
if (prez.seenSlides && prez.seenSlides[])
    prez.object('Next button').show();

// slide On Unload
if (!prez.seenSlides)
    prez.seenSlides = {};
prez.seenSlides[] = true;


It’s perfect, it’s ok
Thank you