Opacity / Transparence for text

cannot find to change opacity for Text or level. (background works, but Text has no alpha options).
And it would be great if i could click on a Level (Ebene in German) and change the opacity… i cannot believe it is not integrate (or im stuipd and cannot find, only Eye ON/OFF)

ActivePresenter version: 8.5

OS: windows



Unfortunately, the opacity for Text is not supported in the current version of ActivePresenter.
We’ll consider supporting this feature if there are more requests from users.


yeah, but it would be nice if the opacity of the TRACK Object could be posible.
i checked Camtasia, they have no TEXT opacity too, but they have the posibility of opacity for the hole object.
and im sure, this is one of the first features that has to be somewhere in apresenter, but i cannot find it. The Text opacity feature would not needed, if i find the Object opatity button :smiley:



You can adjust the opacity for:

  • Images in the Properties pane > Size & Properties tab > Image > Opacity.

  • Shapes, buttons in the Properties pane > Style & Effects tab > Fill > Opacity.

In case of a shape or button containing text, when you adjust its opacity, only shape’s opacity is adjusted.


H Yen,

yes i create a Textimage and then use your workflow.
Why has Activepresenter not the posibilty change the opacity objects in the Level/Track. I checkt Camtasia and it works there.
This should be the number one priority to add this feature, because its not only about the TEXT thing, it would be accellerate the workflow, when someone want to change obacity . e. G. in a Track - choose 7+ Objects - klick on opacity 20% - done. OR: i have 2 Videos - i Want that one video has opacity of 10% over the other)

And i bought 2 month ago activePresenter, thats hurt, because camtasia has this (Basic feature).

I still think ActivePresenter has it too, could you ask a collegue? Its so Basic, i cannot believe AP hasnt.

thank you


Thanks for your suggestion.
We’ll add this feature to our to-do list.