One SCORM, two languages, hide not needed slides in player

I like to create one SCORM project for our LMS which include the same training in two languages. Via flag icons the user can choose the preferred one. I would place both language one after another into the project.

I assume that the evaluation at the end does not cause a problem because the variables in the unused part are not changed.

I know how to hide individual slides in the player, but now to the question: Can I hide the slides of the unused language by clicking on a flag icon? I would like to avoid that the double number of slides appearing in the table of contents and only show the slides of the selected language. Like the “On Click” Hide Object" feature, but for the slides in the player.

ActivePresenter version:

Win 10

Thanks for the always great support.

Solved…!! :rofl: Just by the use of the different mode function. :raising_hand_man: :man_student:

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