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Objects toggle on slide load

Problem: I am not using player toolbar and have built buttons for various actions. For Closed caption, I am toggling between two CC ON/ CC Off buttons basis ccVisible condition.

To achieve this, I keep both the buttons initially hidden and then during each slide LOAD, i use ‘Show Object’ action with variable ‘ccVisible’. Then I use ‘Click’ action for each button to toggle between buttons and ccVisible state.

Problem is to achieve this, I have to apply ‘On Load’ criteria for each slide and there are thousands of slides. Is thee a better way to achieve this? Can there be a script which I can apply at project event level which can apply this object selection condition basis ccVisible condition.

thanks so much for the support. this will be great help.

ActivePresenter version: 8.5.3

OS: Windows10



You should move your custom toolbar to a master layout, and add actions to On Load event of that layout. All slides use that layout will have the custom toolbar.

Please note that it’ll not work for existing slides that you already changed their On Load events (because those On Load events didn’t inherit from the layout anymore).
For these slides, you can select the slide in Events - Actions section in Properties pane, and click Reset Event to make it inherit from the layout again:



Dear Toan Le,

That’s definitely a good input and learning at the time of designing course. But challenge is that I already have all my slides prepared and I am just importing them into project to further give interactivity.

I tried to put my custom toolbar in the slide master keeping elements which are same in all the slides and have no reference to any particular slide. But I found out that not all properties of objects get carried during pasting them in master. While events were copied but not all actions. I can define all the properties again once to save repetitive work in each project but looks like I have to do the same while creating master for each project. Since all my slides are already made with objects, I couldn’t find anything like SlideMaster template the way we have in case of theme template or object template.

I hope its clear. But anyways, I find it much easier to just copy paste the tooldbar in each slide as that copies all the properties even across projects.



In fact it’s a bug when pasting into the slide master/layout.
We’ll try to fix it soon.

After editing slide master for a project, you can save the project as a theme, and use that theme (including the slide master) for other (new or existing) projects. You can also copy and paste the slide master and layouts between projects.
For more information about theme, you can see these tutorials:


Hey Nice. Thanks will try these out.