Object don't appear in Chrome but appears in Edge


Hi! The same projet at the same time one is viewed from Chrome v85 and the other one from Edge v44. The vertical line object appears in Edge but not in Chrome. I tried to remove it and recreate it. It changed nothing. What can I look for? What did I missed?

ActivePresenter version: 7.5.13

OS: Windows 10


Hi Simon,

Maybe it’s a known issue of Chromium based browsers that renders objects at an incorrect z-index in some cases. Please try adding the following script to the slide On Load event to see if it works:

prez.object('The missing object name').node.style.transform = 'translateZ(0)';

If the issue still persists, please send your project to our support email at support@atomisystems.com so that we can check. You just need to send only the slide which has the issue.


So, I flushed my cookies and cache and it worked…

I’ll try your tricks if it happens again.