Numerous attempts needed for dragged object to stick

Problem: drag and drop requires numerous attempts to stick

ActivePresenter version: 8.5.7

OS: Windows 10

Notes: (352.2 KB)

Could someone look at the attached drag and drop exercise and offer some suggestions. I realize that the image I’m using has my drop targets very close to each other.

What happens, particularly with some of the drag and drop targets is that is takes numrous attempts to get the dragged word to stick on top of the target.

  1. Are the dropped targets too close to each other?
  2. Are the dropped targets too large? Too small?
  3. Are the drag objects too small? Too large?
  4. Should both the drag and drop objects be a similar size?

Eventually, after numerous tries, I can get everything to work, but it’s not easy.

Any suggestions would be appreciated?

Hi Lawrence,

Regarding your issue, this might be due to your setting up with the drop target.
If the drop target is set with No Fill and No Line, the mouse event will only work with a certain small area, which is the text area.

In this case, please try setting Fill as Solid Fill > Opacity 0.

Look forward to your feedback.

Kind regards,
Quynh Anh

Making the Fill changes to Solid Fill>Opacity works perfectly. Much thanks!