No video source after recording

Hi, so Ive started to record a Video from Screen. I ve checked if everything works properly. And it was. After that I started my proper video which lasted for 15 mins. After CTRL+ END I went to activepresenter to see the video and… I got a communicate that Video Source cant be find :frowning: So I have like 15 mins of useless commentary… Any idea what could happen ? Anyway to recover the video ? Please help :frowning: I saved this project and after im opening it aswell it says Video Source not found :frowning:

ActivePresenter version: 8.2.0

OS: Win 10


Hi Maro,

ActivePresenter stores large audio/video resources of a project in an external data folder named PROJECT_FILE_files. Please make sure that you do not delete this folder.
Besides, when copying, moving, or renaming a project file, please make sure to copy, move, or rename its data folder (if any) accordingly.