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No Video After Recording

When I’m doing a Record Software Simulation and when I have finished (stopped) the recording, it appears that the video is not recording - no slide is produced. I’m running 7.0 on a MAC.

I’m a new user and just started using the program. Can you tell me what I am missing?


It seems that you want to record Video Demonstration. So please select Record Video instead of Record Software Simulation from the Start Page. Here is the tutorial:

Record Software Simulation is suitable if you want to simulate a software or create a training contains a series of slides describing how to achieve a specified purpose.


I recorded a video with active presenter using Record video. it’s a zoom meeting.
It didnt show video after recording. not sure what’s the problem. can anyone help?


Could you explain the problem in more details? Does ActivePresenter show nothing after recording? Or the video object is empty? If possible, please provide us a screenshot of the problem and the log file of ActivePresenter.


hi, i have problem while after recording video, when i recorded video, then a notification came that ,active presonter has not wriiten in the disk, Processing: 4.txt…


Hi Santosh_Mandal,

It seems your computer is running out of free diskspace. Please make sure that it has enough the free diskspace before recording.