No sound when clicking on interactive elements


In my project the sound does not seem to work in all browsers. Firefox seems to be okay, but Edge or Chrome or Safari seem to make problems. Interestingly, I got sound when I play audios in an introslide but sounds that are played when, for instance, I click on an element (like the double click from AP) do not play.

I run the Project via an LMS.

Thanks for any help,


Hi Rolf,

There is a change in the recent version of Google Chrome browser (and other Chromium-based browsers) which may lead to this issue.
If you have not upgraded to ActivePresenter 8.2.2, please upgrade to this version then export the courses again to see if it works.
If it is not your case, please share a short sample project which has this problem so we can check.

You can email the project and its external data folder named in the PROJECT_FILE_files if any to us at


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