No audio in recorded video

I have recorded a video using activepresenter and while saving I played it and it was working fine but after exporting the video, the video now dont have any audio. how can I recover the audio of the video.

ActivePresenter Version: Version 8.0.7

OS: 64-bit build.



Please make sure that when you export video, you select Export Audio checkbox:


I have checked and the box is already selected. isthere any way to restore the audio. I dont have the original recording saved anywhere

Hi Ramsha,

As you mentioned that you played the recording and it worked fine while saving:

and while saving I played it and it was working fine

So, could you please check again if your recorded project exists in the folder that you saved before?

Normally, all new projects will be saved at Project Location - the default folder path:


(To view this folder path, click on the ActivePresenter button > Preferences > General.)

In case you forgot saving your recorded project, there is no way to recover it.